Why Travel To Bali – A Small Group Tour

Why Travel To Bali – A Small Group Tour

Want to know why you would visit Bali , Indonesia and take a small group tour! This island located in Southeast Asia is among an archipelago of 17,000 island. This is stands out as one of the most amazing destinations we have traveled. The time we have spent on the island is a testament to our love for the country and its people. Every day we spend here we find something new and exciting that we have not discovered before. Our first trip here was in a small group tour.

Of course any destination is tempered by your own style of travel and interest. Indeed the people you are traveling with can make such a difference. From our viewpoint the overreaching reasons you would typically choose to experience the charms of Bali, Indonesia follow.


There is no doubt, Bali has one of the most diverse range of beaches in the world. This country has a coastline of approximately 370 kilometers. There are many glorious beaches to enjoy all with their own quality and style .

The southern beaches in Bali offer great opportunities to catch a wave and squelch through the white sands and enjoy that feeling of being in a tropical paradise.

Want to join the tourists and experience the vibe of Bali beaches then the South western beaches would be on your list. These areas Legian, Canggu , Seminyak and Kuta are well known.

Sometimes it’s really nice to get away from the hemmed in feeling and leave the tourist crush behind. If this is what you want, look north of Canggu at the West Coast. The beaches along here are less populated and feature black sands . The surfing scene here is more than a beginner surf, so if you want more challenge riding the waves then  head to this area.

The East Coast beaches around Sanur are so amazing. It’s easy to swim in the calm waters and enjoy the amazing views. Take your time to head on down to Blue Lagoon, you won’t regret it.

Want to spend some time with sealife. Dolphins abound at Lovina on the North Coast, it is the place to go. The beaches here are black sand, characteristic of Balis volcanic activities.

For a full summary of our voted best beaches check out our other post for Top 5 Beaches in Bali or our Summary of Beaches in Bali.

Small Group Tours Resurgence Travel Gunung Payung Beach
For a stunning place to swim – Gunung Payung Beach

Culture & Religion

From the moment you step off the plane at the International airport you will start to appreciate the culture and hospitality of the Balinese. Walking through the throng of people you will notice the dress of the local people, sure there’s lots of western looks there but subtly you can still see the traditional Bali . 

Whether you take Grab or get a taxi you will drive past various cultural features including the Satria Gatot Kara Statue at the entry to the airport. This monument is regarded as providing for the spiritual protective safe passage of incoming and outgoing flights. It is also primarily a depiction of a legendary battle.

Driving through Bali you will often find delays due to various traditional ceremonies that are being conducted.

Balinese predominately practice Hinduism and you find many temples (Pura) scattered throughout the island . We have a blog post here devoted to the Top 5 Temples in Bali. You can easily book one of our tours which will give you a richer understanding and appreciation of Balinese Culture. The architecture of the buildings, the colors and the festivals reflect the strong religious ties of life in Bali. Some Balinese still actively live by Saka , basically a calendar of when is best time for certain actions.

Resurgence Travel Small Group Tours Ubud Palace
Captivating day at Ubud Royal Palace & Rangda the Demon Queen


Adventure in Bali abounds. Having held the reputation of being a tourist hot spot for many years, despite the infamous Bali Bombings , executions and  volcanic eruptions the Balinese know how to make adventurers feel welcome.

There are an abundance of ATV tours that can be found that not only give a challenge, but also a chance to enjoy the Bali countryside.

Many adventurous activities include high wires , mountain bike riding , hiking and white water rafting.

Almost any adventure imaginable can be found in Bali and the biggest challenge is to decide which most suits you based on your limited time and the abundance of operators.

Resurgence Travel Small Group Tours River Rafting
Try out some white water rafting for an awesome adventure near Ubud

Outstanding Natural Features

Bali has in recent times made a determination that it would encourage the facets of sustainable tourism . The Balinese are actively ensuring their sites are monitored for sustainability .

Of all the countries I have been too, the range in such a close proximity of naturally occurring sights is amazing.

Grand waterfalls with a chance to take an amazing photo combine with possibility of making a spirtual connection by cleansing in the waters.

It is hard to go past the amazing views of Mount Batur and Mount Agung , Bali’s highest volcano at approximately 3,500 meters.

Talking of amazing views you should at least once experience the rice terraces of Teggalong and take a ride on the swing to add that extra element.

Some of the limestone cliffs around Balis coastline behold so much beauty , and starkly contrast the tropical beaches nearby.

There are many reasons you would come to Bali , we have detailed some of those above , there are a variety of others.

Mount Agung and Mount Batur Small Group Tour With Resurgence Travel
See amazing views of Mounts Agung and Batur

A Variety of Other Reasons


Tastes from all over the world , many fusion styles and traditional Balinese fare.


There is such an array of accommodation ranging from hostels to full tropical resort locations and private villas. 

Artistic & Creative

Simply driving through places like Ubud you will be amazed at the amount of local talent


Bali offers a range of shopping opportunities , from popular western brands through to to the bartering of local arts and crafts.


Balinese local people are among the warmest gentle friendly people on the planet.


The weather here is fantastic all year round , mild summers and mild winters a perfect destination year round, like all counties there are off season and on season periods.


If you are looking to get away from the busyness of your life, look no further . Picture yourself in a private villa with a infinity pool and a great book. Around the corner is an enlightened yoga studio and the massage studio four doors away from that . Perfect

Sunrise and Sunsets

There are some extraordinary locations to watch the rising and setting of the sun seeing the sunrise over Agung is so remarkable.

Tradtional Food Small Group Tour Resurgence Travel Bali
Enjoy some remarkable food while in Bali

Conclusion – Experience From a Small Group Tour

Whatever your taste in travel, Bali surely has something to offer.

We at Resurgence Travel can help you find your ideal getaway , be it a day tour or a 3 month vacation we can help you with all your needs . Locally based we will make sure you have the best time. 

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